From now on…

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having an awesome weekend! I’m already in Costa Rica, and until today, Sunday, I can relax from my returning home.

Here in Latinoamerica we have a saying “Uno propone y Dios dispone”. How can I explain this? It kind of means that you sometimes have plans and a schedule programmed, but something happen that changes all that into a very different thing. On the day I arrived, I had a unexpected event, that changed all my plans.

Right now everything is ok, back on a new track.

For me and my work table, I’m going to try in this next 2-3 weeks to create my mini workshop in the apartment. Sometimes you just have to let go your plans, and make things happen now!!!! So I will be working on the weekends in my actual workshop, which is on my grandmas house, working late in the nights on my mini apartment workshop and learning at the Escuela Crisol jewelry school new stuff.

I’m really happy because in Baton Rouge got a lot of toys for the workshop, so hopefully today in the afternoon I will playing with some of them at my grandma’s house workshop.

Wishing you a really relaxing and nice Sunday for you all (jajajaja got this at LA).

Photos: Diana Baltodano