Oakley Plantation -Audubon Historic Site-


Yesterday we went for a short trip to Saint Francisville. It is a 45 minutes drive north to Baton Rouge. Over there, they have a few historic sites, plantations and much history. In downtown Saint Francisville we saw a few old but beautiful houses, typical southern style.

We went to Audobon Historic Site at the Oakley Plantation. Audobon was an artist who draw birds, and more birds. He was the author of Birds of America. The picture is from the main house at the plantation. That plantation looks like time has not gone by. You feel the energy from the 1800’s around you. The garden is gorgeous. But I really fell in love with a cookery book I saw in the little museum, it was written in a way were you picked up your proportions and it was more like each recipe was a story than something you had to follow along to produce something. I really had old kind of creole recipes, love the the LA traditional food!!!!!! :D! Didn’t purchased it, in another time I will be able, right now as in some posts I wrote, I want to concentrate my energy and money in my workshop toys, as so many people tell: If not right now, then when?

After our visit to the Audobon’s Site we went to another plantation the Rosewood Plantation. Over there we did the tour inside the house!!!!! The guide knew so many historic facts of the family and the site, she really impressed me. The house had different styles, over time the family renew certain rooms and other remain as they were. It is so cool that some families can follow their lineage really a long time ago.

My little vacations are coming to an end, and what I will be missing the most, of course will be my handsome ornithologist!!!! It is a shame I cannot stay here jiji. So for this next three days I will enjoying with him whatever we are doing, even cooking (which we both enjoy very much).