Surroundings gifts


Finally my little vacations arrived :)!!! Arrived on Tuesday, and yesterday went for a long walk around the area. On the walk some little treasures appear and couldn’t resist to take them pictures! From some lettering on a post, to cows, to the Mississippi river! I though I was going for a half an hour walk, but NOOOO jiji went for a 2 and half hour walk. Today I’m feeling the consequences, I wasn’t prepare to walk that much! It is hot, got a little sun burn on my shoulders and my feet hurts, went on beach sandals, THAT is so wrong and I know it! Thanks to life today’s morning I’m resting on the house.

I’m in Baton Rouge, LA around the LSU campus. I think over here it is a nice place, kind of quiet, with a lot of trees. Today is kind of cloudy but warm, it is just the perfect temperature. So going to rest a little bit and then out!