In a hurry!

“Well, I never studied design and I went to art school to study art, you know, sculpture and things like that, and ended up making things like sculpture and started making chairs and jewelry together and that’s how I started.” Marc Newson

Well I as I’ve been posting, lots of work to do. So I guess I’m starting something or as I like to say I’ve been playing a lot and maybe the universe is granting jewelry work for life WUJU!!!! When I’m making jewelry I feel like a little girl playing with my toys. Creating those things, the process, the product really satisfies me.

Today is a windy day, it has been WINDY around here for a few weeks already, and with the wind in the back I think…. yes… I think that I can think, jiji an old joke ;)! I will like to start my birds collection, birds, birds and more birds! For this spring time, I will be working on a new collection of little flying birds. Let things to flow naturally in my work table and life. I’m flying to the United States to visit my handsome ornithologist, and I hope I will get inspired with his surroundings ;)! Enjoy, have a little vacation and relax with him.

BUT!!!! For the moment this next two weeks I will working my a…. off jijijiji, I will like to shop for some jewelry supplies and like so many of people, I need to get the money first! Here in Costa Rica you can find so many things, but never like in the stores you can find over there, so I want also to take advantage of the trip in getting new toys I can work with. So please send me good energy and lots of luck to accomplish my goals this two weeks, I hope for everybody the same!!!!