In the work table


Happy Sunday to everybody!!!!

This weekend had my brother’s birthday on Friday and today is my mom’s birthday :D! So just for a little while went to my work table to play and advanced on the orders I am working on. I’m almost done with 2 of the orders, here on the post some pictures of the process of them.

We went to have lunch to a restaurant on the mountain, in Heredia (a province next to San José). I was so full that I had to take a nap, Sunday nap ;)!

Also today in the morning shipped all the pieces that are going to be sell in a souvenir store at the Liberia, Guanacaste International Airport :D!!!!!! Even though I don’t what would happen, if a I sell or not, I’m really happy they asked me to send jewelry pieces to be seen by many people!!!!!!! much much many jijiji.