Pajaritos tu yú rings

This daily cute little birds sterling silver rings are made with enamel on copper. Today I was arranging the pieces that will be sent to a souvenir shop and this 3 rings are part of the selection :D! Couldn’t took the other pictures of the rest of the pieces because, jijiji started too late taking pictures and the light went away sooner than I would have wish for.

As you can see the pictures are kind of so so, but people, I’m a humble student of this Russian kind of camera jijijijij, well not Russian, but a new technology and information that I need to learn. Do not imagine a sophisticated camera it is not that complicated, but it is completely new for me. Tomorrow I will be practicing photography with some of the other pieces of the selection. So, tomorrow hopefully will be posting more pictures of my work. I really wish for all of you a nice Saturday night, enjoy your dinner, movie, party, or any activity you will be doing tonight!