Art & Pearls

“All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.” Federico Fellini

This few weeks ago were critical. I’ve been working in some of the graphic concept for elha ;)! Today my logo stamp arrive YEY!!! I have been working on some hand carving stamps for the packing, love to do the packing as beautiful as the piece. When shipping, the piece and packing are your gift, they should be made with love!

Also, bought a kind of simple pro camera WUJU!!! I used to have a little and old lumix Panasonic that worked perfectly for many years and took precious pictures of moments, pieces, processes,… but everything have it’s cycle and now I thought a needed to upgrade it. But, I don’t think of accumulating stuff and throwing away things that are still working, so I gave it away to someone I know will be happy using it to capture many more moments. So no pictures on this post ;)! I will be getting my new camera this next week and hopefully I will be capturing new moments, pieces, processes,…