Jacaranda tree


Yesterday was Tedx Pura Vida here in Costa Rica and our bosses invited us to go :D! It was a great experience not because the ideas (which are great!) nor the very important persons who expose a point of view, idea, life, experience,… for me, it was about the questions and concepts that were left in the air!

It was a great day, started really early in the morning, I sat reading a book under this lovely purplish Jacaranda tree and finished with my little black purse sketchbook fill with ideas and questions that hopefully I will answer someday. For know, I feel confused about everything! February has come with a lot of questions. I know pretty well my present and trying to live the fullest in it. But the future steps: where I would like to go, the things I will like to accomplish have to start somewhere and now is the moment. Maybe I need to set some goals or maybe I need to work on some projects, I don’t know life will elucidate it with time, I guess.

And today is Friday, YEY more workshop weekend! Hopefully I will post some pictures of the work in progress.