I want…

Once someone told me: write; write and ask the universe what do you expect, your questions, wishes and life ideas. Today I found some I want…. ideas, don’t know why and don’t care why I found them. But I read them and remember the track I wanted and want to follow in my life. I think that the steps are more important than the goal. So many things people telling you, different ideas, publicity that is put on the screen, you seeing people doing different things,… sometimes you forget to heard your own voice!!!!!! With that said, I want to shout to the universe my voice! So here my present I wants:

I want to grow old with my love.

I want to life several years in or near a forest.

I want to produce some of my own food.

I want to have time…

I want to ride a camel.

I want to visit several Europeans museums.

I want to see a jaguar.

I want to have a tree house!

I want to smile every second of my life.

I want to see the next generation to grow old.

I want to remember all the ones who are gone.

I want to have a huge garden and a small beautiful house.

I want to have my own little beautiful shop.

I don’t want to drive that much to work anymore… I want it near and I want my workshop at my house.

I want to walk through a desert and see an oasis.

I want to love with all my heart.

I want to ride a horse many times more.

I want to draw beautiful things.

I want to continue pursuing my dreams.

I want to be in China and Africa once and Europe many times. Actually I want to travel the whole world at least once! Asia!!!!! Australia!!!!! Indonesia!!!!…………………

I want to fly like a free bird.

I want to learn French.

I want to swim with dolphins.

I want to get married (as a compromised emotional concept).

I want to live through goldsmithing and be a landscape architect in my spare time.

I want to have many real friends.

I want to be happy with my self.

Hopefully writing this things and putting them in the physical world will help me, to accomplish them one at a time and with all my heart tell the universe today what I want. Even though I know the universe will respond with what is needed at the time.