February! ♥♥♥♥♥

February is here and with that Valentines!!! Finishing January with lots of orders, projects and ideas,….. and really really HAPPY, and…………………. February here I go, Valentines!!! As you know a lot of people LOVES to give jewelry as a love present, and I agree with them jijijijiji, not because I do it and get compensated by it; but, because it is a gift for life. As you can see made a flyer about it, I am learning Illustrator YEY, some publicity is always good, I think? jiji

Also on the very same day, Febuary 14th is my Dad’s birthday, so, it is a very special day :D! I don’t know what will come with this February, last year was a very turbulent month :S!!!!! Hopefully this 2012 I will have the counterpart and it will became a smooth nice month.