“Como para comérselas” or “As if to eat them”

This year I can tell I´m thankful, still in January and lots of work!!! People like what I do and that makes me smile.Thanks life for everything I have, I appreciated it and smile.

I know a lot of people who doesn’t have the opportunities I do, not just in work, for example the amount of food you can eat per day! Some really poor Haitians eat daily dirt cookies, that is right, you read correctly and I wrote it correctly,… dirt cookies. Literally they  grab the soil, mixed it with some butter and salt, and cook the cookies under the sun!!! And that’s their food two times per day. Amazing isn’t it????? That information hit on me, as I post something on November, 19. On a exhibition I did a necklace to create conscience on myself about being thankful and if somebody else also creates some conscience, that, of course, is awesome!

Well I just came back to my house with more orders and I was thinking about how lucky I am 😀 and want it to share it with you,… and maybe make you feel lucky because you can read this through the internet and probably have some food around!!! Thanks life for everything!