I´m so happy like my pieces :D!!!! But this year is already overwhelming, so many things to do and I´m so behind!!! Right now have to delivered like 10 pieces and no time to do them!!!!

This Sunday I started to organized me and tomorrow I will start delivering the orders.  In the morning I have to go really early to my workshop and work on the last details of a piece that started as a order that I hated, but right now as it evolves I love it!!! (Post some pictures some day).

Also I´m not a fishing fan, but a fishing lodge ask me for some pieces about fishing. I did my homework and did 4 examples of the pieces I was thinking they would like and be like a little detail gift for their souvenir shop. Also I thought about me liking them ;)! I´m glad the lady of the lodge liked them!!! and order me 8 more pieces, more work to do!

As it previews this will be a good year, also learning to ask the universe only for good things to happen!!!!