On December I participated in a little fair in a store near by. I had so many things to do, but it is so much fun to do a fair, that I had to participate. I love spending the day talking to people, to display my fair jewelry and to, obviously, sell some things.

The fair was organized by a Costa Rican design objects store: Eskinearte, to sell little jewelry gifts and other things from the artists. There, in the store, I have some of my jewelry, so I was invited. To the fair I confectioned some simple objects like: stacking rings, copper bangles, some of my oms on a lily thin thread,… and a few things more.

Of course between sells, at the fair we had to have some wine in the sidewalk, talk to some of my friends and  hear some awesome music. I´m pretty sure it went really well, :D! can´t complain about anything!!!