Om’s on the way!

Hello! YEY!!! My om’s are on the way now! Made the “casting tree” on thursday and now they are waiting inside the plaster to be cast! :D! There are a lot of them, I know, jijijijiji I want to make several pieces out of them. This is my way of thanking life for everything I have, spreading the love, peace, breath, significance hidden in them!

I’m really thankful for everything:

1. my HOME!

2. Lovely family

3. Awesome beautiful old dogs 😉 (someday posting some pictures)

4. A love one! Someone to think about that makes me smile

5. Good moments

6. Having something that I’m passionate about! MY JEWELRY is kind of like my toy! Remember yourself as a kid playing?????…… Well that’s my feeling when I’m at my workshop, experiencing, playing, smiling, creating, inventing new stuff all the time!

7. A wonderful landscaping job

8. Living in a chaotic tropical country, jijiji is not as chaotic as other ones, but officially you can describe it as the Latin American way!!! Even that doesn’t matter when you have a warm weather almost every day.

9. Having a amaretto tonight 😀 with a good friend chat! For the day this was the best part!