Low Tech Casting Class

 Today I did something different :D! Today I took a low tech casting class, it was quite experimental, love it!!!! We took organic materials and cast over them; also did some sand casting and water casting, just for fun! Some bronze, sterling silver and copper donut kind of form, came out really well!!! Posting some pictures later on. Hopefully will be doing some nice jewelry out of them. They are really contemporary looking objects, free form and kind of big.

Other pieces came like antique objects, found in a mysterious country, from a mysterious culture, with a mysterious significance. I think this two sterling pieces pieces will be gold plated!!!!!

Another two pieces came from the negative of the chickpea!!! Those are really multidimensional, has so many looks! I still don´t know what to do with them.

And the last two came from the negative of a seed (sand casting), a spiral seed, they have a nice twist and are made out of copper.

Tomorrow I will be posting some pictures of what happen on my low tech casting class. REAL FUN!