Mother´s Day


This past Friday it was Mother’s Day here in Costa Rica. Even though the preparation was chaotic; it was a wonderful day. Why chaotic? Well… a lot of people wanted their custom jewels done, my little one got really sick (one of those virus you get when you are a little one) and I was participating in a fair.

Here both of my loves. My motivation.

And now… September is nearby, that means: preparations for December! Trying to organize everything. I will be posting some photos of the new jewelry soon. Got into a Filigree class in the past weeks. Made some casting little flowers. And I’m loving the half circle with an organic/handmade/hand-drawn form, lots of earrings.


Insects are beautiful, they have their own aesthetics! Without insects the cycle of life couldn’t be possible. This is part of my biology studies emerging ;)! I want to show you how beautiful can a bug be, how important they are to our life and how tiny they are. This collection is a limited one, for how long? I don’t know yet. As the name says, they are included hundreds, thousands, millions of species, so I have a lot of inspiration!















Klaus Steinmetz Contemporary Art Gallery

DSC_2377Last Saturday we had a one day event at the Klaus Steinmetz Contemporary Art Gallery (KSCA) at Escazú, San José, Costa Rica. I went with two insects necklaces. I really enjoy this day, because a lot of jewelers chi chat in a wine and happy hour afternoon. Saw some friends, enjoy the beautiful pieces my friends exhibit and was my last day before my desire vacations! WUJU!


DSC_2386Handmade brass chain, with jasper, sterling silver and a brass etch insect.

DSC_2387Handmade brass chain, with jasper, sterling silver and a brass etch insect.

DSC_2388Enjoying the afternoon.

DSC_2389Visitors and jewelers.

DSC_2391My necklaces on a minimalist disaplay. Wood. Insects. Vegetable matter. Cycle of life.

DSC_2571Me and my little one enjoying some wonderful vacations at Guanacaste. Came back full of energy.

El Mercadito on May

DSC_2171Me! Having fun at the El Mercadito fair this past weekend!

DSC_2093New collection!

DSC_2099Natural Stones earrings! I love the simplicity and the rough look of them, they are so delicate, but at the same time have all the strength of the earth.


DSC_2191The look of my stand, elha on a fair!

DSC_2160The El Mercadito companion :D! Here we call the plant “lengua de suegra enana”, I love them!

Ring ring + rings

DSC_1920Silver, you can personalized this ring by engraving something on the top ;).

DSC_1941Silver, a little detail to your hand.

DSC_1924Silver, the queen´s crown.

DSC_1965Silver, a chunky one.

DSC_1950Silver + lazuli, an ethnic and night inspiration.

DSC_2018Silver + zircon, stokes.

DSC_1988Silver + 18k gold, strokes.

DSC_1997Silver, strokes.

DSC_2067Silver, facets.


Silver, facets.

Ring ring + rings! They are all silver rings. I really love what I do!!! These are an example of the “fair pieces” I made in the past months. I’m still working and playing a L O T. Hope to have those desire vacations soon!!!!!