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You can also find a selection of my pieces at: De aquí y de allá in San Pedro de Montes de Oca and at Espacio in Escazú; beautiful design stores.

And you can find me working at two workshops: in Los Laureles, Escazú and in Los Yoses, San Pedro de Montes de Oca; if you want to chit chat with a cup of coffee.

Espacios FID4 Fair






It’s been two days of fair, and it’s been fun. Nice organization, customers who appreciate handmade and friends who visit and chit chat have made this fair, so far, a really good one. Tomorrow, Saturday is the last day; and the FIA ride begins!

Two weeks from now I’m going to be in this really big fair. Entering the Christmas elves mode…

By the way my little one is an angel she is so well behave, ;)! Loving her more and more.



DSC_1314 DSC_1320Hi! Run Dani, Run… the first fair is this next weekend. It is part of the FID (Festival Internacional de Diseño), an International Design Festival. As part of the result of an etching class, one of my collections exhibit will be some etch jewelry. For this collection I wanted to transform into something aesthetic, something some people see as grotesque, so I picked up the I N S E C T S topic. More pictures soon.

Artistic Work

Work Free Artist

(Words with power from an anonymous author)

Really, really had to post this. Sometimes people don’t understand the value of the work that has to be done. That is so shameful and sad. I know we are in a global economic crisis, but that is no excuse! Work is work.

I’m really trying over here! To be a mom (with a husband out of the country studying), single mom, really; to work on my projects jewelry and the landscape architecture ones and to have some quality time for the house and myself. But to have people who takes your time for granted is so, so sad! It takes out my energy. I’m trying… and to be drain, is even harder for me to want to try. I know I’m a good, or even a great Landscape Architect, I know I can handle big projects. But when the client wants all the $ for him/her, makes me reconsider to even want to work in Landscaping again. Meetings, more meetings, to take economic risks with my time and money for him/her to have their business going,… I’m already tired and I haven’t  even started! This things makes me want to be just a jeweler, to play in the workshop, to have meetings with the direct customer, with out so many personal (mechanical, civil, electric, industrial engineers; administrator, constructors…), everybody with the last word! In another time that was fun, but not any more. Is that bad to want to have a quiet life? I don’t ask for much, really, I just want a quiet life with peace and love around, my workshop, my little family, me, to be able to pay the bills…

I really, really needed to post this.


Fairs and more fairs, this 2014 will become the fair experience. Right now I´m feeling like Lola in Run Lola, Run. So many things to do. So many fairs to attend! My calendar is full!

FID: March 12-15th

FIA: April 3-13th

Transitarte: a weekend of July

And of course being a mom working in a non-formal job can have it virtues. Two weeks ago had to take out my little one from the daycare she was attending; the cycle was over… So since two weeks ago I’ve a home mom :D, really happy of the time spent with my little one, I CAN ASSURE THAT. But you can imagine how behind I’m right now on the work that has to be done! Fortunately tomorrow she will begin in the new daycare and she will be happy in there. Oh! I’m going to miss her… but I need to start working again in my personal projects. I want her to grow with the example of a woman who has projects, ideals and goals of her own. IMG_9487This picture was taken on Sunday’s fair. It was a beautiful windy day. Meet some new friends and enjoy the chit chat with the customers.


ImprimirWelcome February! How fast did January went by!!! I’m impressed how fast we are in February. Again L O V E is in the air. With this month we celebrate love to each other; and that is something we have replicate in every corner of the planet: lets celebrate love everywhere! If you are going to give something, why not give something for life like, jewelry. Something generations can in heritage. Something with a story to tell. Plan a romantic escape and give that little detail to your love one. It can be a minimalistic kind of ring with the persons birthday stone or of course could be something like, diamonds are forever. Anyway a detail on this February 14th could become a special story for generations to tell. Enjoy your month!